18 April 2010

Outrage! - Steal the Crown Jewels

I like board games. Even more so when they're different from the usual Monopoly, Cluedo, Life sort.

I bought Outrage! at a gift shop at the Tower of London on a recent trip there. Costing 35 quid, the package looked pretty with solid production. It was based on the fact that the Crown Jewels have remained secure in the Tower of London for hundreds of years, with only one (failed) attempt to steal them in history. Therein lies the objective of the game - to steal the Crown Jewels.

The game was sadly disappointing - plagued by contradicting rules, lack of challenge, lack of opportunities for interpersonal encounters. It's probably good for about an hour of gameplay but one gets tired of it real quickly.

I could have spent the money on that complete Conan collection at the Forbidden Planet instead. :(


Contents (admittedly they look nice)

Game board

Game paraphernalia

Crown Jewel pieces

Yeomen pieces

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