18 April 2010

Kick-Ass comics

I took a chance on Kick Ass, knowing that Mark Millar has the capacity to blow me away when given the creative freedom to do so. Just take a look at Wanted (the comics, not the film) for instance. Paired with superstar artist John Romita Jr., this was a surefire hit. Order numbers actually increased with each subsequent issue, contrary to the sales numbers of most titles, thanks to great word-of-mouth on it. I'm doing my part now to spread the good word.

Kick Ass is one of the best comic book series I've read in recent times. Ultra-violent, crude, coarse and action-packed with characters that endear nonetheless.

We have all dreamed of being superheroes, haven't we? But if I did what he did, I'd probably get my ass kicked. :)

I look forward to watching the film adaptation, now screening at your local cinema.

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