08 August 2011

Lego 7159 - Star Wars Bucket

This was the second of two sets that arrived in the same shipment together with the Lego 7151 - Sith Infiltrator in my previous post.

This came in a bucket or tub of bricks, hence the name, rather than the usual cardboard boxes. This is clearly targeted at kids as the builds are simplistic and the design is mostly rudimentary, to the point of being unrecognisable and poor likenesses of the movie counterparts. That really is a pity as it was released in 2000 after Lego had obtained the Star Wars licence and was meant to portray one of the most exciting sequences in all of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace -- the pod race in Mos Espa. A total of 293 pieces are included in this set, from which one can build 4 podracers, 3 minifigures (although it really should be more) and a starting / finishing line gantry. Overall, this is a poor set. If you're not a completist, save your money for the newer, improved Lego podracers found in "7131 - Anakin's podracer", "7171 - Mos Espa podrace" or "7962 - Anakin & Sebulba's podracers"...all of which shall be reviewed here on Peow's Passions.

Without further ado, I'll let the pictures tell the story.

This is a loose, complete set (inclusive of the instruction manual)

Build process:

Anakin's podracer

Aldar Beedo's podracer

I can't be sure but this could be Clegg Holdfast's podracer

Not sure what this is... could be Neva Kee's podracer

Starting / Finishing line gantry

Minifigures (l-r): Aldar Beedo (really??!! Looks nothing like the one on screen), Jar Jar Binks, Young Anakin Skywalker

The set also includes 4 tyres that might come in handy when building something else.

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