07 May 2011

Lego 8804 - Minifigures Series 4

Just a quick post on the latest Lego Minifigures set. This is the fourth set of 16 and is pretty much similar to previous releases (Series 1, Series 2, Series 3). 60 packs in a box, 16 figures in a set. Just like Series 3, each box should suffice for at least 2 complete sets with the mad scientist being the shortpacked figure in this set. Just like Series 3, there are no spare pieces within the packets.

The box and packets have an orange colourway to distinguish it from the previous series. There are also little bubbles on the lower edge which reveals the figure within. Otherwise, you could try your ability to feel the contents through the unopened packs. I took the easy way out and merely took a trip to Toy Station (my local Lego supplier) who compiled a complete set of 16 figures for me.

Box (contains 60 packets)

Front and back of packet

I've circled an example of the bumps that help to identify the contents

Checklist (front) and instruction sheet (back)

Lawn Gnome with fishing rod

Kimono Girl with fan

Musketeer with rapier and hat with white plume

Punk rocker with guitar

Surfer girl with surfboard

Viking with helmet, shield and axe

The Monster

Hockey player with stick, hockey gear and puck

Street skater with skateboard

Sailor with telescope

Soccer player with trophy

Werewolf with bone

Hazmat guy with gear and spray gun (my favourite figure in this series)

Ice skater with cloth skirt and skates

Artist with paint palette and paintbrush

Mad Scientist with conical flask

16 minifigures in my display box

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