22 April 2011

Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit Issue

This has to be the most hum sub (translation: lecherous) post ever in this blog. I was alerted by my friend Dave to the fact that the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit features our sunny island of Singapore. All the more to add this latest issue to my collection.

I began subscribing to Sports Illustrated back in 1992, in an effort to follow my sports idol, Michael Jordan, on his march to championship rings and scoring records. I was surprised to find that come February-March the next year, there was a spanky swimsuit issue with hardly any of the incisive sports writing or profound game insights the magazine was known for. Apparently, it's a long tradition in the magazine history to have a special issue each year to keep the sports fan occupied through the slow sports news winter months. It was always followed by a regular issue of the magazine where every letter published would be condemning the swimsuit issue for objectifying women and reducing them to sex objects. Regardless, there's a spanking new swimsuit issue every year. Oh, I think I paid $300+ dollars each year for a swimsuit issue and got 52 issues of SI free. What a deal!

Eventually I discontinued my subscription to SI but continued collecting SI Swimsuit issues each year. Now I have a complete run from 1993 to 2011 (less 2 issues). Throughout the years, I was aided in amassing this collection by Comics Mart who imported this magazine for a period, various bookstores as well as eBay. I believe it was Meng himself who exclaimed that it's the only issue of SI that really sells in the store.

P.S. Anyone who is willing to spare a copy of the 1995 or 2003 issue which I'm currently missing, please get in touch with me.

2011 - cover

2011 - Singapore photoshoot

2011 - obligatory write-up promoting Singapore as a great place to visit...





1998 - a bit of an oddity as it seems thinner than usual. Also, the "Singapore licensed edition" on the cover makes me wonder if this was censored in any way.


2000 - in 3-D!










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