25 July 2011

Lego 7151 - Sith Infiltrator

Sorry, haven't been updating this blog for awhile due to work...

This was one of two sets that arrived in the email on my birthday early last month...a present for myself. The set is loose and made up of bricks compiled by German Lego retailer, bricksy (on eBay). Nonetheless, all 244 pieces are included with an original manual from the set.

This was released back in 1999 to coincide with the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. As with most early Lego Star Wars sets, the design is rather rudimentary and blockish, compared to subsequent releases of the same craft. The rear opens to reveal a speeder (which is fragile and poorly designed) and the Sith Infiltrator also stores three probe droids. Nonetheless, the Darth Maul mini-figure included looks menacing enough with the face tattoos, cloak and double-bladed lightsaber.


Build process:

Darth Maul's speeder bike

Note the corner slope bricks were off a different colour. bricky was kind enough to send replacements of the correct colour. No questions asked.

Side view

Rear view

Rear hatch opens to reveal speeder

Storage compartment for three probe droids

Probe droids

Darth Maul

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