30 July 2012

LEGO 4502 - X-Wing Fighter

This is an old set from 2004 that I obtained through the secondary market while shopping on eBay. Although it is called the "X-Wing Fighter", this is really based on "The Empire Strikes Back" where Luke goes to the Dagobah system to search out Master Yoda and begin his Jedi training.

I've already said quite a bit about the X-Wing's design when I reviewed LEGO 6212, and the fighter in this set appears similar. What distinguishes this set from other X-Wing releases is the inclusion of Yoda's hut and the vines on the X-Wing. Yoda's hut folds in upon itself to form a nice, compact dwelling, but smoothly opens up to expand into a playset. There are 563 pieces to this set and includes three minifigures: Yoda, Luke in Dagobah fatigues and R2-D2. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the build process as the set was already assembled and displayed for a few years. Enjoy the pictures.

Yoda's hut folded out (exterior)

Yoda's hut folded out (interior)

Yoda's barang-barang

Yoda's bed and barrel

Yoda's hut folded in (rear)

Yoda's hut folded in (front)

Yoda's hut folded in (top), with a unique printed piece

Minifigures (l-r): R2-D2, Luke (Dagobah outfit), Yoda

Luke has a pilot helmet. Unfortunately, the lightsaber is green.

X-Wing Fighter (with vines):

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