14 August 2011

Lego 8088 - ARC-170 Starfighter

The Aggressive ReConnaissance or ARC-170 starfighter was a fighter-bomber that saw extensive use in the Clone Wars. It has made appearances in the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith as well as the Clone Wars animated series.

This set is the second of two ARC-170s that have been released thus far by Lego. As with subsequent releases, it improves on the original release in design and build. The fighter measures 17 cm in length and has a massive wingspan of approximately 19 cm. Weaponry consists of massive wingtip laser cannons, a twin cannon rear turret as well as two proton torpedoes that are flicked fired by pushing a rod from the rear.

There are several moving parts with all three canopies that could be raised to allow access to the cockpits and the astromech droid hatch. By turning a gear knob at the back, the S-foils can be raised in attack formation. When completed, this starfighter cuts a mean silhouette and is one of the most attractive starfighters in the Star Wars universe as it is clearly a precursor for the sleek X-Wing fighter.

Best part of any Lego set are the minifigures that are included...four in this set: Jedi Master Kit Fisto, Captain Jag, Episode III clone pilot and a R4-P44 astromech droid.

Box (front)

Box (rear)

Box (opened)

Contents include 3 numbered bags (one for each stage of the build process), an instruction manual and a loose decal sheet

Contents of Bag #1 - Contains parts for the main body of the starfighter plus the minifigures

Nice unique minifigures (l-r): R4-P44 astromech droid, Episode III clone pilot, Captain Jag, Kit Fisto

Minifigures (rear)

Build process:

Contents of Bag #2 - The main engines

Build process:

Contents of Bag #3 - Wings

ARC-170 (front)


ARC-170 (side)

ARC-170 (rear)

Rear turret


Cockpit canopies opened

A key improvement from the previous ARC-170 from Lego - a closed front nose

ARC-170 (top). This shows the wide wingspan relative to the length of the starfighter.

ARC-170 (bottom)... no landing gears

ARC-170 with S-foils in attack position. Stand not included.

ARC-170 with S-foils in attack position (side). Two blue rubber bands used to keep S-foils in place

ARC-170 with S-foils in attack position (rear)

Close-up view of S-foils

Spare bits

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