30 August 2011

20.8.2011 - STGCC Day 1

I had been looking forward to the Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention (STGCC) as soon as the dates were announced. So much so that I plonked $40 for my admission tickets immediately. Here's an account of STGCC Day photojournalistic style.

The ticketing counter has been moved to the 3rd floor, from the ground floor that was used in 2010. Various lines have been designated with the Hot Toys line being the longest, with some having queued from the day before hoping to snare one of those STGCC exclusive releases.

Picked up my ticket with no major issue. First time I've ever been a VIP at anything

View of ticketing counter from the 4th floor where STGCC was taking place


First thing that caught my attention was the activity at the Marvel booth where Harvey Tolibao was signing. This is his second consecutive appearance at STGCC. Didn't realise the queue was snaking all the way around the booth. Oh well, time to join the line.

Cosplayers making their way around the convention hall while I was waiting in line.

Admiring the mural on the Marvel booth

The Kinokuniya booth

Premature aging

Some cartoons to entertain us while waiting in line...like those theme park rides

Finally, reached Harvey Tolibao who signed my copy of the STGCC exclusive variant cover to Captain America #1. Note the Merlion on the cover.

Caught a glimpse of the wall at the Action City Hot Toys booth... looks crowded with lots of displays. Made a note to check out the displays later.

Mural at the DC booth where I picked up the convention exclusive cover to Flashpoint #1

Rocketeer poster at Popcornpop booth

Ong Ean Keat aka Keatopia at Artist Alley. Didn't manage to get any commissions in 2010 so shall try again this year.


Superman wall at Popcornpop

Ray Toh's booth at artist alley

Andrew Bell's Android

Hairyashell booth

Entertainment Xin Gan Xian Shang Hai

Ardian Syaf has a booth this year. In 2010, he was an unannounced guest and squatted with some local artists. Here, he's signing my copy of Action Comics #900.

Sonny Liew launches his Malinky Robot TPB and also signs on my copy of the Madman one-shot which contains a pin-up by Sonny

Kelvin Chan hams it up with Black Cat

Black Cat


Animax is promoting some new anime series

Cosplayer wandering the exhibition hall

The Rapid Culture booth was chock full of collectible card gamers

Some Hot Toys fans freeing their new acquisitions

The Tamiya booth seemed out of place here...

Passed the 501st Legion (Singapore Garrison booth)

No Lego Star Wars on display this year but a massive Clone Wars army and vehicles were on display. As you can probably tell, I spent quite a bit of time ogling the display.

The Star Wars display at STGCC 2010 was full of hidden easter eggs. This time, I only managed to see some Avengers Assembling in an AT-TE.

As usual, the Toki Doki booth has a colorful wall

Some military cosplayers

Singpost has a booth featuring toys designed by Toki Doki - Zip and Cody is a play on Zip Code.

Stepped out for a break and snapped lots of pictures of cosplayers and a pair of Nintendo mascots encountered along the corridors and foyer area:

Not really my kind of thing, but they liven up any convention experience.

Guy in the black T-shirt controls R2-D2 remotely. Sorry, there's no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny either.

Back to the main stage where Kipi (an award-winning cosplayer) and Jacky Dosai (of Cosmode magazine) was having a Spotlight panel

Meanwhile, Andrew Bell was at the Walk of Fame drawing and signing for a long line of fans

The moment I've been waiting for... Paul Levitz is in the house! I would not have used my fast pass if not for having to lug that hefty tome around.

Think this is Lu Bu from the ROTK video game

More cosplayers encountered on the way to the car to ditch the hefty Paul Levitz tome:

Spotlight panel on rising Marvel star Kieron Gillen, moderated by Alvin Chong of Herebegeeks.com

Andrew Bell

C.B. Cebulski

Huge crowd at the Nintendo booth desiring photographs with Mario and Luigi

Stephen Segovia at the Marvel booth signs my variant cover of Project Superpowers 2 #3 and sketches Spidey for me

Shoutout to my buddies from Herebegeeks.com...

Simone Legno at the Singpost booth

Paul Levitz at the DC booth

Batman movie posters at the Popcornpop booth

Ye Zhen and Cheah Sin Ann at the Planerds Harris booth

Robert Kirkman comics at the WalkingDeadAsia booth

Kieron Gillen at this Walk of Fame slot signing Phonogram Vol.1 and 2 for me

Playstation had a small display

Back to the Sonny Liew booth to redeem my free copy of Secret Robot Spy Factory

Some booth babe at an online RPG booth

Main stage has a Spotlight on Kishida Mel panel

Spotted JC Wong and Shawn Yap trawling through Artist Alley

In-helmet communicator's obviously on the fritz...

Imperial TIE Fighter pilot

Jacky Dosai checking out the convention

Best fast pass ever spent. Get 3-for-1 deal of Mico Suayan, Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia:

Zaneeds booth

She had bought Gambit comics from me in the past...meeting her for the first time in the flesh.

Simone Legno takes some time to sketch for me after finishing his slot at Singpost

Snapped more cosplayers as I made my way back to the car:

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