22 September 2011

21.8.2011 - STGCC Day 2

Apologies for the lack of updates as I have been settling into a new place and a new role. This one's going to be short on text too, but the pictures should more than make up for it. Here's my experience trawling the convention hall on Day 2 of STGCC 2011.

CB Cebulski signs my copy of Comic Book Tattoo featuring a story written by him. He was quick to point out the typo in his name to liaison and me. He also adds an autograph to my autograph book with a quote from Yoda.

Ray Toh was at his booth in Artist Alley. He was also at the Liquid City Vol.1 launch back in 2008 or so but somehow my copy had missed him as it was being passed around. So here's Ray adding another autograph to my copy of Liquid City. He also kindly obliged with a quick sketch of a pirate in my autograph book.

Was first in line to get Harvey Tolibao to autograph and sketch in his sketchbook which I had picked up the day before.

Here's the original art to the STGCC-exclusive cover of Captain America #1 by Harvey Tolibao, which was being auctioned.

Benjamin Ang is the first Singaporean artist to be signed by Marvel. He was talent spotted by CB Cebulski at STGCC 2010.

Tita Larasati is an Indonesian comic artist. I first encountered her work in 24 Hour Comic Book Day 2006. Wished I knew and had brought that book along for her autograph. Here, she shows off the original art for that story - 24 pages in 24 hours. What an achievement!

Hairyashell is a sculptor in Artist Alley. Check out the lovely collaboration with Ong Ean Keat aka Keatopia.

Paul Levitz at his Hall of Fame slot and prior to his panel on the main stage

Paul Levitz panel

Stephen Segovia, Mico Suayan and Carlo Pagulayan hanging out

A final huddle before the Marvel panel

Some civil action going on

Marvel panel featuring CB Cebulski, Benjamin Ang, Leinil Yu, Mico Suayan, Harvey Tolibao, Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia and Kieron Gillen

Used one of my Fast Passes to get a sketch by Andrew Bell

Nicholas Foo, aka blackbulb, Singapore's very own Certified Lego Professional

This is the Devilrobots x blackbulb Lego Tofu-Head. Wished I had the cash for this.

Imaginary Friends Studios booth featuring the IFS issue of Heavy Metal. Made a pre-order which should be in the mail as I type this.

Stanley "Artgerm" Lau of Imaginary Friends Studios

Koh Hong Teng and Dave Chua launches their Chinese translation of Gone Case Vol.1, titled "Liao Liao". Thanks to Hong Teng for my complimentary copy...my second ever Chinese graphic novel.

Lefty Julian and Tan Eng Huat of Gilamon, enjoying the convention as visitors this time

Michael Chuah too... didn't spot Sau Lim though

Ardian Syaf completing commissions quietly at his booth

Kelvin Chan aka RocketRaygun

Managed to find that elusive copy of New Avengers 100 Project that I was missing, but unfortunately Stephen Segovia was too busy to sketch for me. He signs on the cover anyway

Carlo Pagulayan sketches instead in New Avengers 100 Project that I picked up

Wendy Chew

Long line of cosplayers were hoping to meet Kipi

With my autographs and sketches done, Day 2 was really spent checking out the wares on offer at the various booths, something I didn't really have a chance to do at STGCC 2010 because I was waiting in line all the time over three days.

Andrew Bell's designs

Sculptures by Hairyashell. If only Wonder Woman had worn that costume, the TV series wouldn't have been canned

Custom paintwork on Gundam and Transformers figures

Animax has a new anime series


Miscellaneous toy designs

Jack Sparrow cosbaby (large)


Samo Hung


Al Pacino Scarface

Arnold Schwarzeneggar

Various Bruce Lee figures

Toy Soldiers

Hello Kitty

Make your own superhero

Kalkitos returns for a second year running



Bishoujo figures

Clay models for CGI-animated films

The best-looking booth has to be the Hot Toys booth... chock full of dioramas and their highly detailed range of pop culture figures. See if you can identify them all.

There was even a reprise of the Iron Man CollARTible exhibition with artist's customs of the Iron Man figure

Figures on display at the DC booth

Some expensive key issues

The Walking Dead Asia booth... too bad there's no sign of Robert Kirkman

Miscellaneous toys and action figures

Those cards that the patrons of Rapid Culture were playing with

My favourite bird shop

No Lego again this year, but Nanoblocks seems to have moved in to grab a piece of the pie

There was an art gallery booth featuring comics and other related art pieces. The Cap America one looks mighty familiar.

Nintendo launches their 3DS handheld console

The Play Imaginative booth hosted Devilrobots and other designer toys. They had a Mickey figure with various customs by artists and celebrities. Quite reasonably priced too.

Toki Doki is a recurrent guest since the first STCC.

Qee and Domokuns

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tourney

This year, the grafitti wall was open to all visitors to doodle upon


Here are some cool looking cosplayers and costumes:

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