30 October 2011

Loot from STGCC 2011

It's taken a bit longer than expected to round off the series of posts on STGCC 2011. Now that I'm snowed in, I figured this might be as good a time as any.

Overall, STGCC 2011 felt more intimate compared to the previous year, when ReedPop really went all out to draw in visitors in their first year organizing it. This year saw the convention reduced from 3 days to 2 and fewer guests. While this may make it seem less attractive an event, I felt the slower pace was better as I managed to take my time to look around the various exhibitor's booth and Artists' Alley, whereas I merely spent all three days waiting in line to meet the large line-up of guests in 2010. That's a welcome change. Artist's Alley was really an alley this time round instead of the collection of booths the previous year. As a VIP participant, I also found the Fast Passes extremely useful in beating the lines at the Walk of Fame sessions. This would have been most useful for David Lloyd in 2010, where I could have saved 3 hours and an earful from the Mrs. when I got home. The main stage has also been moved to a different section away from the main exhibition floor to improve crowd flow and minimize the noise levels. Excellent! I think Reed is still trying to find the balance between the number of events taking place at any one time and also have enough to offer the fan of various tastes, be it comics, toys, manga, gamer or curious onlooker.

May STGCC learn and advance year on year as the premiere geek event in Asia! To close off, I just wanted to leave you with the stash I obtained at STGCC. Already missing it, although I'm not sure if I'd be able to attend the next one.

Sonny Liew launched the collected Malinky Robot at STGCC 2011

All who purchased Malinky Robot got a free copy of Sonny's artbook "Secret Robot Spy Factory"

Also managed to get Sonny's autograph for the pin-up he did for Michael Allred's "Madman All New Giant Sized Super Ginchy Special!"...just as well since he had forgotten to sign off on the original art before 

  Captain America #1 STGCC variant cover by Harvey Tolibao which he also signed

Flashpoint #1 Convention cover

March on Ultimatum (freebie). Added Harvey Tolibao's signature to Salvador Larocca's existing one from STGCC 2010

Moon Knight Saga (freebie). Mico Suayan who had a great run on Moon Knight signs them. He was not aware of the existence of this freebie which brings readers up to speed about the character.

Ardian Syaf's autograph on Action Comics #900. Pity it was smudged a little as I slipped it back into the storage bag. This is also the infamous issue with the David S. Goyer penned story where Superman renounced his US citizenship.

Bought both volumes of Phonogram just for Kieron Gillen's autograph

The C2E2 exclusive cover of Rasl from my pals at Herebegeeks.com. Thanks once again!

Managed to find a copy of the New Avengers 100 Project benefit book for Hero Initiative. Stephen Segovia was unavailable to sketch but he signed the cover. Carlo Pagulayan sketches the Hulk for me.


 DC Comics The New 52 freebie with Paul Levitz's autograph

Stephen Segovia signs the incentive variant cover of Project Superpowers 2 #3 which he did and also sketches a Spidey for me.

Added Ray Toh's autograph to my collection in Liquid City Vol.1

Koh Hong Teng passes me one of his personal copies of Liao Liao, a Chinese edition of Gone Case Vol.1 which was launched at STGCC 2011.

The Resident Tourist 5 was actually mailed to me prior to STGCC. It was launched at STGCC 2011 too. Unfortunately, I missed Troy's signing slot at Planerds.

  CB Cebulski signs his story in Comic Book Tattoo, an anthology of comics based on the lyrics of Tori Amos. He pointed out that his name was misspelt in the credits.

Paul Levitz signs my copy of 75 years of DC Comics. More of a coffee table than a coffee table book.

Avengers poster signed by Kieron Gillen, Mico Suayan, Leinil Yu, Harvey Tolibao, Stephen Segovia, Carlo Pagulayan

 DC poster

 Marvel poster

VIP package - Program guide, letter, Planerds coupon and the all important Fast Pass

Freebie postcards from the Play Imaginative booth

Promo card from Keatopia and Hairyashell

Freebie buttons of Legion and Flash

Freebie The Walking Dead stickers

Robonut paper doll

Mico Suayan sketchbook - print run of 500 copies

Obtained Leinil Yu's autograph for his sketchbook I purchased earlier.

Harvey Tolibao sketchbook with autograph and Catwoman sketch

Optimus Prime commission from Keatopia

Kieron Gillen autograph with his favourite song lyric

Kelvin Chan sketch of Superman

 Ray Toh sketch of a pirate

Benjamin Ang sketch of Spidey

Mico Suayan's Moon Knight sketch

Sketch by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau

Daredevil sketch by Stephen Segovia

Spidey sketch by Carlo Pagulayan

 Andrew Bell sketch

Tita Larasati sketch

Koh Hong Teng's sketch with Dave Chua's autograph

Sketch by Simone Legno (Toki Doki)

C.B. Cebulski autograph with his favourite quotation

Nicholas Foo (blackbulb) autograph

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