29 June 2010

Sonic Screwdriver

The sonic screwdriver is the fictional tool of the Doctor from the BBC science fiction TV series "Doctor Who" and its various spin-offs. It is able to operate any lock, mechanical or electronic and is an endearing icon of the television show, like the police phone booth spaceship, The Tardis.

This is the latest version wielded by the eleventh and current incarnation of the Doctor, played by Matt Smith. Released by Character Options which holds the licence to release Doctor Who-related toys, this is a 1:1 scale version with extendable claws. Overall, it's an elegant design and looks more menacing than its predecessor. Three L1154 batteries are included to provide green light and sound effects as portrayed in the show.

There are three buttons available. One to release the catch and extend the screwdriver. The other two buttons activate the light and sound effects when retracted (on handle) and extended (at the end of handle under a cap) respectively. Two different sounds are activated alternately if you press these buttons. There are also 2 secret light and sound effects which are activated when you press these buttons 3 times or 4 times in quick succession.

This is a steal for only GBP 13. I wished Star Wars replica toys were as realistic for the same price range.

EDIT (26/6/13): This item has been sold. Thank you!

MIB packaging

Out of packaging

Retracted (without and with effects activated respectively)

Fully extended (without and with effects activated respectively)

Look into the light


  1. Hello Peow Yeong! I stumbled across your page when I was looking for any information where to buy sonic screwdriver in singapore. May I know where did you buy this? Because I'd like to get one myself, but so far most of the site I check does not ship to singapore :( Thanks a lot for your help! you can drop me a message via my tumblr site. leave a note in my ask box! thanks before! :D

  2. Hi Aristy,

    I ordered this off the Forbidden Planet website.

  3. Stormageddon27 September, 2011

    Hi, how much was the shipping from the forbidden planet site? To SG. It wasn't stated unless I put in my cc details..

  4. Hi Stormaggeddon,

    I'm afraid it's a little hard for me to say as I also ordered other comic books in the same shipment. They will give you a quotation after you enter your details and you would not be charged until you agree with the shipping rates. Feel free to go ahead and order.

  5. Hello there. Since your page is the 1st result I got when i searched "Sonic Screwdriver Singapore" on google, I thought I'll post an update for any Whovians from SG who stumble upon this page trying to buy the sonic too.

    I recently acquired by sonic from Books A Million. I ordered 2, and there was a $10 off coupon (search online, there are loads). It came up to around $37SG each, including shipping to SG. Came in 4 days. :)http://www.booksamillion.com/p/Doctor-Who-Sonic-Screwdriver/Underground-Toys/F5029736034078?id=5611054293435

    Another site I found: http://www.popcultcha.com.au/ They sell loads of great Who merchandise, with affordable shipping to SG, albeit it takes a week or 2, and is non-trackable. The sonic from this site will come up to around $37SGD too, inc. shipping.

    Fobbiden Planet and BBC UK appears to have ran out of their 11th sonic.

    Hope this info is useful to others who come across this site. ;)

    (Found another TF and Who fan in SG, there appears to be very few Who fans in SG.Real nice collection of vintage Japanese G1 stuff you have there. :) )

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Gavin. Oh, there are quite a few fans of the Doctor in Singapore, alright. Spotted a few Doctor Who cosplayers at STGCC over the years.

    2. Need to open my eyes more. :| haha.

      Any places you know that sells these locally? I've been to a shop at bugis... But prices were insane, and stock was pretty limited, I guess online the the best option?

    3. Nope, haven't seen these sold locally. Best bet may be the toy shops at China Square Central probably.

    4. Went to check China Square this week. (As of 7th March) Nope, no Who stuff at all. Could have sworn I saw them on my last trip...

      Ah well, Got myself an AM Vehicon General. :)

  6. Hello! Just a quick update; i tried ordering 2 sonic screwdrivers from booksamillion, but they just told me that they don't ship to Singapore anymore.. :( Oh man!!!

    I think Gavin was very lucky!

    1. Try Forbidden Planet again. New stock for around 10-14 GBP.


  7. Hi there is your screwdriver for sale?

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