22 April 2011

Lego 8803 - Minifigures Series 3

This set follows closely after the release of Minifigures Series 2 and as I had mentioned before, the narrow barcode strips that revealed the packet's contents are no longer present. Instead, this has been replaced by some tiny bumps or bubbles on the lower edge of the foil pack. These are really difficult to make out and the placement varies from shipments and also depends on whether the sets were meant for US or Europe. Fortunately, the good old Lego supplier, Toy Station, came through for me, by preparing a set of 16 to be made available. They had relied upon the bumps and also felt the contents of the packets in order to make out what it contained. No mistakes made this time round, so do pay them a visit if you just want a complete set for yourself like me.

There are some similarities between this and the first two series - 60 packs per box, S$3.90/pack and 16 different figures in each set. Each minifigure comes with its own unique pieces and accessories offering a multitude of combination options. However, starting with series 3, Lego seems to have stopped including the spare pieces for the tiny bits which usually came with a few of the minifigures. Unlike Series 1 and 2 where you were assured of completing 3 sets with one box, there are only 2 complete sets within each box of 60 packets for Series 3. The shortpacked figure is the fisherman. Nonetheless, it is good to see more female minifigures being released.


Front and back of packets

Bumps on the lower edge that reveal the contents - each figure had its own configuration of bumps on its packet

Instruction sheet (front) which serves as a checklist

Instruction sheet (back)

The shortpacked Fisherman


Tribal Chief



Space Villain

Sumo Wrestler


Elf (my favourite figure in this series)

Tennis Player

Race Car Driver

Gorilla Suit Guy (what a sense of humour Lego has)

Space Alien

Hula Dancer


Baseball Player

All 16 minifigures assembled

Stored away in my $2 Daiso display box


  1. nice display case. where did you bought it?

  2. You can get these display cases from Daiso if you're based in Singapore.