11 September 2010

Lego 8684 - Minifigures Series 2

Lego released Minifigures Series 2 within 2 months of the popular Minifigures Series 1. Similarities abound between the two series - 60 packs per box, S$3.90/pack and 16 different figures in each set. Each mini-figure comes with its own unique pieces and accessories offering a multitude of combination options.

Once again, the barcodes on the packs indicate the mini-figure contained within, which suits me fine as I am no longer in school to trade my extras with my buddies. This set was put together courtesy of fellow collector, Randy, who utilised a barcode scanner on his mobile phone to conduct a mass order. Sources indicate that each box of 60 packs would yield at least three complete sets with some extras.

Overall, I prefer the designs in Series 2 compared to Series 1. Take a look at the following pictures and judge for yourself.

Lego Minifigures Series 2 box (contains 60 packs when sealed)

Complete set of 16 (MISB)

Packs (front and back). Narrow barcode on the left indicates contents.

Each pack contains a glossy sheet with a checklist on the front and instructions on the back


Spartan warrior. Imagine accummulating 300 of these beauties. Also my favourite figure in the series.


Witch (doesn't have the usual legs but a static printed slope brick)

Vampire (really elaborate cape)

Traffic Cop (issuing a traffic summons)

Explorer (with real magnifying glass)

Lifeguard (ala Baywatch)

Mime (with two other interchangeable heads)


Pop Singer

Skier. I love how the equipment fits into the mini-figure's hands.

Disco Dude (with "Brick Fever" LP)

Karate Master (comes with 2 mini-figure trophies)



Spare bits (although I forgot to include the Karate Master's spare trophy)

All 16 assembled

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