25 September 2010

Air Jordan Force IV (4), Air Jordan Force V (5)

I've never owned a pair of Air Jordans when I was playing basketball actively many Earth orbits ago. This changed in the last two years on vacations to Japan and Taiwan where the prices are low and the shoes are pretty. The following are a couple of pairs of fusion sneakers, combining the best features of two iconic basketball shoes, namely the Air Jordan and Air Force 1.

The Air Jordan Force IV (AJF 4) is a combination of the classic Nike Air Force 1 and the legendary Air Jordan 4, which was released in 1989. The shoe features the typical Air Jordan 4 straps on the side, the plastic net at the side panel and the grey eyelets. The AJF 4 has black suede upper, a big air sole with a transparent window at the heel and the classic Air Force 1 outsole.

The series of commercials featuring Michael Jordan and Spike Lee (as Mars Blackmon) asking "Is it the shoes?" that allows one to fly like Mike is the inspiration for the Air Jordan Force V (AJF 5). This is a fusion of the Air Jordan 5 (my favourite in the entire Air Jordan line) and the Air Force 1. They feature a black, red and white colorway, reflective tongues, along with a clear sole and lace locks, "23" stitched at the heel and inserts on the toe box, quarter panels, and lacing tabs with all over print which says "Is It the Shoe?".

The shoes both come in a nice collector's box, where you can find the following explanation of AJF:

"Air Jordan and Air Force I. The ultimate collaboration! A rare opportunity to see these two titans as “the best of both worlds”, unite as one. The Jordan Brand is celebrating year 23 just as the Air Force I is coming off its 25th anniversary. As these two franchises join forces for the first time, the new visual expression is destined to become the ultimate statement for sneaker aficionados around the world.

The vanguards of high performance and artistic expression have never been more united, but for every masterpiece, for every true expression of authentic merit, there are a dozen pretenders wanting a ticket to the dance. The result: an uncompromising path with access only authenticity can grant.

The shoe game stands upon yet another threshold of change and this is your opportunity to be a part of the change to come. The Air Jordan Franchise and the Air Force I are joining forces, ready to establish new precedents for the future. Pushing the limits of what’s possible. The big question is will you be ready?"

With beauties like this, I really feel like I can fly. "It's gotta be the shoes!"

Box (top exterior) featuring the Jordan brand's Jumpman logo

Doing my bit for charity

AJF 4 in sz 10 and AJF 5 in sz 9.5 respectively

The ultimate collaboration!

AJF 4 (side)

AJF 4 (front)

AJF 4 (rear)

AJF 4 (soles)

AJF 5 (side)

AJF 5 (Is it the shoes? panel)

AJF 5 (tongues)

AJF 5 (lacing tabs)

AJF 5 ("23" stitching)

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  1. awesome kicks. I hope to own a pair of Air Jordans someday.