09 September 2010

Lego 7119 - Twin Pod Cloud Car

This set was released in 2002, during the early years of the Lego Star Wars line. When it was brand new, it merely retailed for US$10, which would be a good deal for 118 pieces. Construction was quick and straightforward with some repetition for both pods of the Cloud Car. The hinged hatches are a nice touch. Nonetheless, it's too boxy in appearance compared to the movie version and comes in an odd colour scheme - red, instead of orange. It could also be bigger in size - the cockpits are merely two studs wide and are too small to accommodate any mini-figures.

Speaking of mini-figure, the set includes one Lobot mini-figure, the cyborg assistant to Lando Calrissian, which is found only in this set. He is a little too smiley and comes with a radio, even though he wouldn't need one due to the cybernetic implants.

Overall, this is a good set for its price, but the design could certainly be improved further if there is a re-release in future. Get one if you can find it for a few dollars off eBay.

Twin Pod Cloud Car (front)

Twin Pod Cloud Car (rear)

Smiley Lobot (front) with radio

Lobot (rear) showing cybernetic implants

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