10 April 2011

Scary Godmother

Following closely on the release of Evan Dorkin's and Jill Thompson's Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites, Dark Horse Comics released more Jill Thompson work in the same deluxe hardcover format. The original Scary Godmother comics were published by the now-defunct Sirius Publishing, and hence have been out of print for a long time. Thankfully, this omission has been rectified by the good folk of Dark Horse Comics. This 192-page hardcover collection reprints Scary Godmother, The Revenge of Jimmy, The Mystery Date and The Boo Flu from the original comics, with concept art gallery and a new cover by Jill Thompson.

I regret to say that I had never read Scary Godmother until getting my hands on this beautiful volume which was released in October 2010, just in time for the Halloween season. Unfortunately, it appeared that no copies made it to Singapore and I had to rely on my local comic shop to re-order this for me.

While many creators were pushing out gory and frightful horror for Halloween, Jill Thompson goes the opposite route with her all-ages delightfully quirky characters and stories. Coupled with her masterfully painted artwork, Scary Godmother is a joy to flip through for both adults and children. Highly recommended... though fellow countrymen here in Singapore may have to obtain their copies from overseas or speak to the friendly folk at the local comic shop.

Front cover

Rear cover (with lots of fellow comics professionals and professional wrestlers singing the book's praises)

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