02 May 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010

The first Saturday of May is a huge event worldwide as far as comic books are concerned. It's Free Comic Book Day! A day when readers and the non-enlightened gather at the local comic book store to pick up a sampling of the cool comic books on offer... all for free!

Free comic books are a good reason to get out of bed in the morning... slip on my FCBD Commemorative T-shirt designed by Sergio Aragones ($1 of proceeds from sale goes to my favourite charity - the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund or CBLDF for short) and head down to G and B Comics to pick up my stash. Kudos to them for being the only participating comic shop in Singapore. Extra bonus of having some of the Storm Lion crew present for live art demonstrations and book signings. I was hoping to meet Edmund Shern (CEO Storm Lion) but unfortunately he was not present.

I've had every single FCBD book that's been put out since the start with the exception of FCBD: Cars #1 from 2009 (never made it to Singapore due to licensing issues). I hope and pray that Comics Mart returns to business sorts out whatever they need to sort out so that I can pick up the rest of my FCBD books for this year.

My CBLDF T-shirt (one size too large)

Art by Sergio Aragones

'Puppeteer' Lee of Storm Lion

My signed copies of FCBD: Storm Lion

My stash for the day... all FOC!

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