16 May 2010

Transformers D-329 - Leozack

You've probably seen the "Transformers" label listed in the banner at the top of the page and wonder when you'd me post about it. Truth is, I've been keeping all the Transformers toys in storage and haven't really played with any in recent times. But a potential sale made me go through the storeroom to dig this out.

Leozack is one part of the combiner/gestalt Lio Kaiser from the Japanese Transformers: Victory series. I had bought it off eBay years back in the hope of accummulating all the components of Lio Kaiser. As luck would have it, I managed to buy the Lio Kaiser giftset off eBay, so this piece became surplus to requirements.

It is in mint-in-box (MIB) unused condition with stickers unapplied and comes complete with all the accessories and paperwork. I don't recall what the original price was but I don't think I'm selling it at a loss. The buyer was looking for a replacement piece after he had broken the arm of his piece. I'm sure he would be treasured by his new owner.

Box (front)

Box (back). Shows stats and pictures of the other components of Lio Kaiser

Based on the F-14 Tomcat with swept wings; accessories include the Breastforce lion and Lio Kaiser's head

Accessories - Breastforce and Lio Kaiser's head

Leozack (robot mode) with attached Breastforce...I had neglected to rotate the wings upwards

Leozack (robot mode) with detached Breastforce which transforms into Leozack's weapon

Pamphlet advertisement for the some other 'bots from the Victory series

Instruction sheet, which includes the instructions for combining the other components to form Lio Kaiser

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