16 May 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010 Part Deux

Just a follow-up to my post on Free Comic Book Day 2010. Comics Mart remains closed and I haven't been able to pick up my FCBD books for this year.

I bought them off eBay instead and 32 out of 33 books arrived. I managed to get a discount off the price as the seller was missing the Storm Lion book, of which I already had two copies (signed no less!). That completes the FCBD book collection for 2010 and I can sit back, enjoy reading the books and look forward to the same event next year.

This year's offering includes the following:

Gold Sponsors
Archie's Summer Splash! #1
Doctor Solar/Magnus
Fractured Fables
G.I. Joe #155 ½
Iron Man/Thor
Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock
Shrek & The Penguins
The John Stanley Library
Toy Story
War of the Supermen #0

Silver Sponsors
Sonic: The Hedgehog
Worlds of Aspen
Fearless Dawn
S.E. Hinton / Fame
Bongo: Free-For-All
Irredeemable #1
DC Kids Mega-Sampler
Del Rey Showcase
Green Hornet #1
The Overstreet Guide
Library of American Comics #0
Artifacts: First Look
Love and Capes #13
Iron Man: Supernova
The Tick #1
Oni Press Free-For-All!
The Sixth Gun #1
Radical: Bigger Books!
Atomic Robo
Storm Lion
The Stuff of Legend/Mortal Instruments Preview
Owly And Friends

P.S. I also won an auction for the missing FCBD: Cars book from 2009. When that arrives, I would have a complete collection of all FCBD books from the event's beginning. Huzzah!

Bonus - FCBD War Machine HeroClix. When Iron Man needs backup, he calls upon War Machine! War Machine is a major part of the May 2010 Iron Man 2 movie, and to capitalize on this, WizKids modified the popular War Machine sculpt from the Marvel HeroClix: Armor Wars series as 2010's Free Comic Book Day figure. This exclusive figure comes with an all-new dial and character card.

Bonus - Five FCBD 2010 temporary tattoos

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