20 September 2009

From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

Back in my 4 Sep 2009 post, I mentioned Alan Moore's and Eddie Campbell's epic "From Hell" comic books. Originally serialised in Steven R. Bissette's Taboo anthology, they were published by Tundra and then Kitchen Sink Press.

The theory of the Jack the Ripper murders as a conspiracy to conceal the illegitimate child of Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence was told over 16 chapters and released in ten prestige format books during the early to mid-'90s. An epilogue, "From Hell: The Dance of the Gull-catchers" was released in the late '90s.

The From Hell Scriptbook published by Borderlands Press was the first of four planned volumes, but only the first volume was ever released. It presents a glimpse into the creative process, the extensive notes, stage direction and gives insights into some of the subtleties and gestures that could not be portrayed in the comics.

Meticulously researched by both Moore and Campbell to present the look and feel of Victorian-era England, this is an extremely engrossing read from start to finish. An essential addition to any Alan Moore library.

From Hell vol. 1-10

From Hell epilogue

From Hell Scriptbook vol. 1

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