04 September 2009

Royal Mail Mythical Creatures postage stamp presentation pack - Dave McKean & Neil Gaiman

Stamp collecting is boring! That was why I gave up on it way back when I entered university.

Nonetheless, I had to get my hands on this pretty postage stamp set issued by Royal Mail back in June. Why? Because they were designed by the Dave McKean, that's why! Six of the best loved mythical creatures (Dragons, Unicorns, Giants, Pixies, Mermaids & Fairies) were each featured on a postage stamp.

The presentation pack consists of heavy card stock featuring Dave McKean's instantly recognisable art designs on both sides. Furthermore, frequent collaborator Neil Gaiman wrote each blurb featured on the presentation pack. A great addition to my Gaiman collection.

A closer look at the McKean's art

The stamps

Blurbs penned by Neil Gaiman with more Dave McKean art


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  2. Dear stamp,

    I first heard about the stamp set from following Neil Gaiman's blog. Here's the link to the posts he made back in mid-June:


    This is the link to the Royal Mail website if you'd like to purchase a set of your own: