30 August 2009

Lego 65081 (8008 & 8009) - Star Wars Technic C-3P0 & R2-D2

I'm not really a fan of the Technic sets in general but when an opportunity presented itself in the form of a bulk auction together with other sets that I wanted, I certainly had to place a bid for these babies.

This is a "value pack" of 2 Lego kits in one - the 8008 C-3PO and the 8009 R2-D2 kits. It was a Toys-R-Us exclusive and came packaged with a poster.

It features two of my favourite characters from the Star Wars epic. The comedy "odd couple" duo that play a significant throughout all 6 films.

R2-D2 features rotable head, retractable centre wheel, extendable probe tool. This is a rather close likeness to the actual droid in the film. Overall, it was fun to build.

C-3PO stands approximately 30cm tall. It has a spring mechanism that causes the hands and head to fall apart when the chest is pressed. Nice chrome eyes but involves the use of stickers (some of which go over multiple pieces). I also think there isn't sufficient gold bricks and as a result, looks like too much black was used for this set. I'm also not sure why one of his legs is silver while the rest is gold. Definitely the weaker of both sets.

Front of main box

Back of main box


Front of Lego 8009 box

Rear of Lego 8009 box

Front of Lego 8008 box

Rear of Lego 8008 box

R2-D2 (wheels extended)

R2-D2 (wheels retracted)

R2-D2 (probe extended)

R2-D2 (close-up)

R2-D2 (side profile)


C-3PO (close-up)

Press the chest button and the body falls apart

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