18 October 2009

Lego 4479 - TIE Bomber

I have been busy recently. Didn't have time to read my comics nor play with toys, let alone blog about them. Hence the absence of new posts the past few weeks.

This is one of two sets which arrived in the mail in the past week and I had only managed to build it this weekend. All the way by surface mail from Sasketchawan, Canada, it took all of 11 weeks to arrive.

This set was released back in 2003 and consists of 230 pieces in total. Overall, a pretty good design that resembles the movie version in Empire Strikes Back and comes with a TIE pilot mini-figure. It fires a missile and actually drops fusion bombs once the bomb bay is opened. Picture parts are also non-stickered, so no problems with decals peeling. However, the connectors are not sturdy enough. It also requires a odd-looking support at the bottom just to support the middle commponents from slacking down.

Front view

TIE pilot mini-figure (brown head)

TIE pilot with open hatch on TIE Bomber

Rear view

Side view

Top view

Bottom view (bomb bay on the left opens when slider is pulled down)

Instruction manual

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