06 November 2010

Lego 7678 - Droid Gunship

I had passed on getting this set when it was first released as I found it bug-ugly (it looks like a beetle) and the mini-figures were not unique. A decision that I would soon regret when I decided to be a Lego Star Wars completist. It was priced at S$59.90 and was impossible to find once it sold out at the retail outlets.

I had to turn to the usual option of eBay for all things unavailable in Singapore. Thankfully, I manage to win an auction for a complete set inclusive of box. Although shipping costs took it above the original retail price, it was satisfying to score one of these sets.

This heavily-armed vehicle straight out of the Clone Wars features wing-mounted laser cannons, movable nose-mounted blaster turrets, retractable landing gear, an opening cockpit, and bombs that automatically drop with the turn of a gear.

This set includes a droid pilot and 2 battle droid minifigures. There are many movable parts. The cockpit can be opened to put the droid pilot at the controls. Blaster turrets are also rotatable. The droid gunship measures 25cm long and 23cm wide.

Box (front and back)

Droid gunship (side view)

Droid gunship (top view)

Droid gunship (bottom view)

Droid gunship (front)


Droid mini-figures

Instruction booklet

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