07 December 2010

Toy Carnival at SAM at 8Q

The Toy Carnival returned on 5 December 2010. While the first one took place at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) in 2009, it was the turn of the SAM extension at 8Q to host the second Toy Carnival.

I headed down that afternoon to check out the wares on offer. As usual, there were a multitude of toy stores who set up stalls hawking their wares. I took a quick browse through what they had to offer but ended up not buying anything in the end.

The most interesting booth was the display table with 1/6 scale figures by One Sixth Warriors Singapore. I lingered over the display for a rather long time snapping pictures of the detailed figures. Even though I do not collect them myself, they were still a sight to behold.

There was also a small booth for the big event later this weekend - the Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention (STGCC). I'm certainly looking to meeting the great line-up of comics creators who would be gracing the occasion then. Watch this space for updates later this weekend.

There were some cosplayers who posed and preened for eager shutterbugs. Check out the pictures of the event.

It all makes perfect sense - retailers get a chance to hawk their wares in a low rental venue; collectors gather at one place to share their hobbies and search for bargains through several stores and the museum gets a boost in visitorship. I had a great time going through the galleries, especially the current "Trans Cool Tokyo" exhibit at the 8Q until 13 February 2011. Takashi Murakami of LV Multicolore fame... ring a bell? :)


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