20 June 2011

Takatoku Henkei SDF-1 from Macross

This is a true blast from the past. I managed to salvage this childhood toy from my mum's place as I was digging around the storage boxes. I don't remember how long I've had this but this was one of my favourite figures when I was in primary school back in the 1980s.

I have vague memories of rushing back after school to watch the Macross cartoon that was running in the evenings. The SDF-1 (Super Dimensional Fortress) featured prominently in that anime series as the flagship craft of the human forces against the Zentraedi.

This is now a loose piece with no box nor paperwork and I had to do some research on the Internet to gather some information about it. Apparently, it was produced by a company called Takatoku which also produced other Macross toys.

The SDF-1 has several points of articulation, is made entirely of plastic and has a height of approximately 14 cm. The clincher for this is that it actually transforms from robot mode to cruiser mode. The detail on the Daedalus and Prometheus arms is in the form of foil stickers.

Unfortunately, one of the connectors to join the reflex cannon parts has broken off, and I taped it to the back for the purpose of this photoshoot.

Robot mode (front view)

Robot mode (side view)

Robot mode (back view). Here you can see the hollow reflex cannon parts.

Cruiser mode

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