25 July 2010

Tribute to Comics Mart Part Deux

A colleague wanted to head to McDonald's just so he could complete his collection of Coca-Cola World Cup glasses. I suggested we head down to the outlet at Serene Centre - just so that I could drop by Toy Station to check out the new Lego Star Wars releases but also with the faint glimmer of hope that Comics Mart had received a government bailout and had reopened somehow.

Alas, the scene that greeted me upon arrival was not so rosy to say the least. The shop was opened but only because they were packing and clearing out all the shelves and comics to make way for the next tenant - a 7-11 outlet! :(

A somewhat teary-eyed Squirrel was there and we spent a few minutes catching up with each other. I assured him that I still collected comics and have found a replacement source. He has found some part-time employment in the aftermath of closure. We both wondered where Ming and Carol were.

All this while, some anonymous hired hands were packing up the stuff that I loved so much and carting them away to comic book limbo. I took the opportunity to sift through the reservations filing cabinet to see if I had any pre-ordered books that arrived. I picked out the divider with my name on it just for memory's sake.

I realised I didn't have any photos of this beloved joint in its heyday. I am left with only regrets and memories of Comics Mart in its end state.

Empty Shelves

Shipment list dated 1 Apr 2010 and expected arrivals dated 8 Apr 2010 - perhaps the last shipment ever received

Back storeroom

The dreaded "closed until further notice" note

Shop sign

This divider has my name on it

My last loyalty points card which expired 2 days ago


  1. Your divider has my handwriting on it...:)

  2. Ah... please identify yourself so that I may thank you personally. I miss you guys! ;(