01 August 2010

DC Trinity (Superman - Batman - Wonder Woman) Anniversary issues

The holy trinity of DC Comics all reached publishing milestones within a month of each other with the releases of Wonder Woman #600, Batman #700 and Superman #700.

Wonder Woman #600 - Interest over the Amazing Amazon has never been higher, with the hub bub over her new costume. A fair bit of it comes down the fact that J. Michael Straczynski (RISING STARS, THOR) is on board as series scribe, along with the pencilling talents of Don Kramer. A brand new era of wondrous butt-kicking begins as Diana dons a new set of togs and races to find the person or people responsible for the destruction of Paradise Island. Who would have that much power? And why destroy an island populated entirely by beautiful and scantily clad women? Chocked full of pin-ups various artists such as Phil Jimenez, Jock, Greg Horn and stories by Louise Simonson, Gail Simone and Amanda Conner with the lovely cover by George Perez. Oh... Lynda Carter (quintessential and TV version of Wonder Woman) contributes an introduction too!

Batman #700 – Batman marks a pretty impressive milestone this week, and for the second time wouldja believe. After 1996’s ‘Detective Comics #700’, this week marks Batman’s second comic to make it to the big seven-oh-oh. To celebrate the occasion, nut-job Grant Morrison (BATMAN AND ROBIN) returns to tell tales of the Caped Crusader, each with a different man beneath the cowl: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Damian Wayne. On art duties are Tony Daniel(BATMAN: R.I.P.), Andy Kubert, Frank Quitely and David Finch each of whom illustrate one tale from across Batman’s rich legacy and set up the impending return of Bruce Wayne, the original Dark Knight... if he can find his way back through time, space, and Morrison’s loony brain.

Superman #700 – Just weeks after Batman took his second title to a whopping 700 issues, his friend and rival Superman does it as well, and he gets a new writer for the occasion. J. Michael Straczynski (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, RISING STARS) takes over writing duties on the Man of Steel this week, bringing Kal-El back to Earth after having spent the last year serving in the New Kryptonian military. The war between Earth and New Krypton is over and humanity came out on top, which is great for us but has left Superman a little melancholy. Watching the family you thought were dead come back to life just to die again, that stuff can get to you. Feeling a little lost, Supes must discover a new purpose for himself or at least get back some enthusiasm for the purpose he has had for the last 699 issues. This issue also features contributions from James Robinson, Dan Jurgens, Eddy Barrows and Bernard Chang.

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