09 August 2010

Peow's Passions - 1st anniversary

Lo and behold, this blog is a year old! What better way to celebrate than with a comic book spree? After all, G&B Comics were having a x1 US cover price for graphic novels and trade paperbacks this weekend, which coincides with Kinokuniya's 11th anniversary 20% sale for members.

Here's my loot for the day. All highly recommended. I'm sure I'll tell you more about them someday. Meanwhile, just enjoy the minty mint pictures.

Loot from Kinokuniya:

I picked up the other books in the Oishinbo series

Flight Vol.7

Losers Vol.2 (collects #13-32)

Amelia Rules Vol.4 and 5 by Jimmy Gownley... a great all-ages title

Fractured Fables. Comic book creators give their own twisted take on familiar tales

Loot from G&B Comics:

Astonishing X-Men Vol.1-3. The seminal run by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday. Finally managed to find all 3 volumes in the same format

Sam Kieth's Sketchbook Vol.1

House of Mystery Vol.4

Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic #3

Alan Moore's The Courtyard TPB. I already have the original issues but there's a new story collected here

Monthly mags from the past 2-3 weeks

P.S. Glory Glory Man Utd... who beat Chelsea 3-1 to win the Community Shield for a record 14th time! Here's to another trophy-filled season.

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