29 August 2010

Lego 7778 - Midi-scale Milliennium Falcon, Lego 8099 - Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer

Lego has released two midi-scale sets as of this writing. That fills the slot somewhere between the normal and mini sets.

The Lego 7778 - Midi-scale Millennium Falcon was released in 2009 but was strangely packaged under the Clone Wars banner. It consists of 356 pieces and when completed, measures 24cm x 17 cm x 8 cm. No mini-figures were included but it makes a good display piece. It features a movable access ramp, satellite dish and cannons. It was an interesting build process due to the colourful interior. Its asymmetrical design ensures that the build process was not repetitive. However, points should be deducted for the use of stickers instead of printed bricks, a flimsy satellite dish and a rather high price point (S$55.90) for the number of pieces.

The Lego 8099 - Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer is the latest addition to my Lego Star Wars collection. I called in a favour with my friend to help me pick up this set at the annual Toys 'R' Us Lego clearance sale at United Square. The set retailed for S$85.90 but was available for S$51.90 at the sale. The set consists of 423 pieces and measures 24.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 11.5 cm when completed. I love the detail available on this despite its size, although the build process was a little repetitive for the exterior. Overall, the number of pieces included makes this a better deal than the Millennium Falcon set.

Lego 7778 box

Lego 8099 box

Opened Lego 7778

Contents of Lego 7778 box

Opened Lego 8099

Contents of Lego 8099 box

Millennium Falcon

Imperial Star Destroyer (cut out with interior view)

Imperial Star Destroyer

Side by side

Spare bits from Lego 7778 (top) and Lego 8099 (bottom)

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