02 March 2011

Lego 6209 - Slave I

I've always thought the Slave I was an odd-looking thing, but it happens to be the craft of choice for Jango and then Boba Fett, the coolest looking bounty hunters in the Star Wars Galaxy.

This Lego set was among the first ones I bought back in 2007, picking off the last piece from the shelf at Simply Toys during their sale. This one impressed me more then i thought it would. It is bigger then I expected, and sturdy. 537 pieces and no brick stickers at all!

What is impressive about this set is the amount of features that I didn't even realise it had when I bought it. It has a cargo hold, realistic detailing, many very good minifigs, a bomb compartment, visible swinging guns, missile bays, and a real launching one, for heaven's sake! The cockpit moves up and down according to the movement of the ship, and there are compartments in the side for anything you might care to put in there.

There are four minifigs, including three of the five bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader to hunt down Han Solo. They could have done a better job on designing Han Solo though. Also, the cockpit dosen't open, you have to take it off.

Box (front)

Box (back) featuring 2 alternative designs


Slave I




Twin blaster cannons

Concussion missile launcher

Proton torpedoes

Cargo bay

Flight mode

Boba Fett

Bespin Guard



Han Solo (in carbonite)

Instruction booklet and spare pieces

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