30 January 2011

Lego 2824 - City Advent Calendar 2010

Following from the Lego Kingdoms Advent Calendar 2010, I've also had the pleasure of ripping open this companion set - the City Advent Calendar 2010. This was due in greater part to spring cleaning for the Chinese New Year period than an actual desire to view the toys contained within. So the box had to go and the Lego pieces went straight into storage after the pictures were taken for this post.

On the whole, I prefer this set to the Kingdoms Advent Calendar. Despite containing only six mini-figures compared to the nine in the Kingdoms set, the various little compartments contained little toys that were more fun to build. They also hold their own if you desired to distribute the contents as separate gifts, unlike the Kingdoms set where the little gifts were better off paired with each other (e.g. blacksmith with his anvil or barmaid with the cask). Here, you get a few mini-vehicles, two Santa figures and a little toy train to go along with the other pieces of furniture. Furthermore, they fit easily into any Lego Town or City that you build, especially the great series of modular buildings that Lego has been releasing over the past couple of years.

Box (front)

Box (rear)

Inside flap shows a Lego City background and a base featuring a railway track (you'll see why later)

Plastic tray containing all 24 packs

Day 1 - Snowman

Day 2 - Boy with toy sword

Day 3 - Skate ramp, helmet and skateboard

Day 4 - Mini crane

Day 5 - Drum kit

Day 6 - Girl with cat

Day 7 - Keyboard

Day 8 - Dog with sausage

Day 9 - Mini plane

Day 10 - Man with briefcase

Day 11 - Fireplace

Day 12 - Logs, axe and wagon

Day 13 - Mini fire engine

Day 14 - Woman with loaf of bread

Day 15 - Table, lamp and chairs

Day 16 - Bench

Day 17 - Shower

Day 18 - Santa taking a shower

Day 19 - Red train carriage

Day 20 - Mini bulldozer

Day 21 - Yellow train carriage

Day 22 - Mini helicopter

Day 23 - Christmas tree

Day 24 - Santa with locomotive

Lots of spares in this set

Santa taking a shower

Santa train (goes with the train tracks on the box flap)

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