02 January 2011

Lego 7952 - Kingdoms Advent Calendar 2010

Countdown the 24 days in December to Christmas with the Lego Kingdoms Advent Calendar. This set consists of an outer box with 24 trays hidden behind numbered doors. Behind each door is a Lego toy from the Kingdoms / medieval theme. Open one per day up till Christmas or you could do what I did - open them all at once!

Overall, this set is good for kids with easy builds and would make a nice supplement to the Medieval Market Village set. It also comes with 8 mini-figures out of 24. Other than that, there is little for the AFOL to do with the individual pieces other than put them on display...or distribute among friends and colleagues by asking them to pick a window to open in order to reveal their gift..or as Christmas party favours. At the very least, it would keep your kid from asking about their Christmas gifts every other day.

Box art (MISB)

The flap opens to reveal a castle backdrop and 24 numbered windows (1 for each day of December up till Christmas)

There are no instruction books per se, but the back of the flap would reveal the item build. Easy to figure out fairly easy even without the pictures for most of the sets.

You can also pull out the inner tray, which would make a good sorting aid when you're building other sets.

Day 1 - We get a blacksmith, pictured here with a spare hammer.

Day 2 - Blacksmith's hearth and anvil, with sword

Day 3 - Medieval weapons rack

Day 4 - Black knight with spare morningstar

Day 5 - Some kinda spear wagon, with spare red clip

Day 6 - Suit of armour and helmet. I would have preferred if there was a way for the helmet to remain on the top.

Day 7 - Queen with frog! The queen also comes with a alternate head design on the reverse side to depict different emotions.

Day 8 - I suppose this is supposed to be a throne. Lame.

Day 9 - Treasure chest with assorted gems

Day 10 - Nice figure. Skeleton with spare hand. The arms are attached via ball joints.

Day 11 - Dungeon wall with spare cuffs

Day 12 - Pig and apple. No building required at all.

Day 13 - Another nice figure. A prince with spare sword. He also came with a spare hairpiece (the first time I've encountered such a thing in a Lego set).

Day 14 - Sword in stone

Day 15 - A good one... jousting dummy that swivels round and round.

Day 16 - Bar wench

Day 17 - Beer keg and mug. Nice build.

Day 18 - Pot, another apple and knives (on sprue).

Day 19 - Soldier (with spare spear)

Day 20 - Mini catapult (with spare swivel peg)

Day 21 - Crossbowman

Day 22 - Owl resting on tree stump

Day 23 - Stove

Day 24 - Best figure of them all. Wizard with spare wand.

Storage option

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