21 January 2011

Sergio Aragones - Five decades of his finest works

This huge volume has been keeping me occupied for the past two weeks or so - a compendium of Mad Magazine cartoons by Sergio Aragones, long-time contributor to Mad Magazine, part of the "usual gang of idiots", also known among his peers as the world's fastest cartoonist.

I had grown up squinting and laughing out loud at his Mad Marginals - the steady stream of cartoons which filled the margins around the pages and between panels of Mad Magazine. He also has a feature in every issue called "A Mad Look at ..." which consist of two to four pages of comic strips around a common subject.

I've never met Sergio personally but I hope to some day. His work brings me much mirth and laughter, through sheer simplicity and almost always in pantomine - proof that cartooning is indeed the universal language. So half a century on, I look forward to another half century of cartoons...because Sergio is THAT fast.

Front cover

Back cover; I found myself nodding in agreement at the blurb by Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons and Futurama

Inside cover features some of his marginals

There you have it... 5 glorious decades

Foreword by Patrick McDonnell, creator of Mutts

Interview by Nick Meglin, friend and former editor of Mad Magazine

Standout piece for me - A cartoon guide to the United States

Sergio's first contribution to Mad Magazine, from issue #76.

One of Sergio's "Mad Look at ..." features (in colour from the 2000's decade).

New self-portrait created for this volume

Includes a fold out poster of 500 (out of literally thousands) of Sergio's favourite marginals


  1. love his work - i am hunting for the groo figurine but think my only hope is ebay - gwark

  2. I don't have the Groo figure either... you may want to check out Sergio Aragones Funnies put out by Bongo Comics every month. Launched recently and only 2 issues released so far.