24 October 2010

Fractured Fables

I first encountered Fractured Fables with a preview in Previews (the monthly order catalog by comic distributors Diamond Comics). This was followed by a Free Comic Book Day freebie comic earlier this year containing selected stories from the final release hardcover anthology in the months leading up to its release.

Fractured Fables features twisted versions or parodies of well-known fables or fairy tales by some of the top talent working in comics today - Michael & Laura Allred, Peter David, Terry Moore, Bryan Talbot, Jill Thompson, Whilce Portacio, Shannon Wheeler and Jim Valentino just to name a few. It was published under the Image Comics banner by Jim Valentino's Shadowline Comics. Needless to say, I had been looking forward to the hardcover release just to run my eyes over comics by some of my favourite creators. I was able to score my copy from Kinokuniya during their members' sale and rushed home to read it. That was when a glance through the contents page revealed another familiar name in addition to some of the comics creators mentioned earlier - Nikki Dy-Liacco.

I had met Nikki through my work when we were organising a seminar at my workplace last year. I was not aware she was a published writer and seeing her name in a comic book was a nice surprise. We met again last week for another seminar we organised and Nikki gamely autographed my copy of Fractured Fables.

Nikki related how she had first collaborated with May Ann Licudine, the artist who illustrated her story "The Fox and the Cat" in Fractured Fables. She had won a story-writing contest with "The Yellow Paperclip With Bright Purple Spots", which was the story for an illustration contest that May Ann Licudine won. The resultant illustrated story was published and released as a children's book only in their native Philippines. Nikki was kind enough to present me with an autographed complimentary copy the following day. Thank you, Nikki!

Do pick up Fractured Fables and drop a note to Nikki to tell her how much you enjoyed it. Tell her Peow sent you. ;)

Fractured Fables (Michael Allred cover art)

Two page spread from "The Fox and the Cat" by Nikki Dy-Liacco and May Add Licudine

Nikki signing my Fractured Fables

Nikki's autograph in Fractured Fables

FCBD edition of Fractured Fables

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