10 October 2010

Lego 4482 - AT-TE

The All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) made its first appearance in Star Wars Ep. II: Attack of the Clones. It is a multi-purpose assault vehicle capable of transporting battalions of troops or full-scale assault. The design reminds me of a fearsome rhinoceros beetle.

This is the first release of the AT-TE by Lego from 2003, consisting of 646 pieces. I had won this from eBay and received it in the mail last week. I spent the weekend building it just to ensure that there were no missing pieces as it was in used condition even though it came with the original box. Fortunately, all necessary pieces were accounted for and the seller exceeded my expectations by even including the spare pieces that came with the set.

Plus points:
- Huge structure, suitable for display
- 4 Ep.2 clone trooper mini-figures
- Great design for mass driver cannon which pivots
- Inclusion of speeder bike is a nice touch
- Nice cockpit with green windows
- Easy removal of top allows access to the internal bits
- Relatively expensive now on the secondary market

Minus points:
- Decals, although thankfully not too many
- Legs are stable only in the standard standing position, not much leeway for movement
- Could do with a lot more clone troopers
- Other guns lack stability and could be better designed
- Overly large gaps in the armoured body

Box (front)

Box (rear) reveals alternate mecha design

Cockpit opens up and driver seat slides forward for easy access

Mass driver cannon rotates 360 degrees

Roof is easily lifted up to reveal vehicle interior

Rear hatch lifts up to reveal storage for speeder bike

Standing room only

4 Ep. II clone troopers

Instruction manual

Spare bricks

6 stickers to be applied

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