03 October 2010

Transformers C-888 - Dai Atlas, C-347 - Sonic Bomber, C-349 Road Fire, Big Powered

I acted on a slight motivation to rotate my toy displays and decided to snap some pictures of these beauties before returning them to storage. These three sets were among the last Transformers releases from the "vintage" era. By this time (around 1990), the popularity of Transformers were already at a decline with Takara releasing new toys for the Japanese market alone. They were from the standalone original video animation (OVA) Transformers: Zone, which followed the Transformers: Victory series. Only one episode of footage was produced before Transformers anime went on a hiatus until the Beast Wars series.

Dai Atlas was the main Cybertron commander and character in Transformers: Zone. He can transform into a base, jet, tank, and a robot. His legs contain a motor, powered by a pair of AA batteries under each front orange leg cover, that can move him forward or backward in jet or tank modes, or move Micromasters along the rubber treads down a ramp in his base mode.

Dai Atlas can combine with two other Cybertron transformers, Sonic Bomber and Road Fire, to form a giant jet or base called Big Powered. All of his motorized capabilities still work in this combined form, forming one giant rolling jet or base with multiple ramps. Each of them also come packaged with a Micromaster.

Dai Atlas was purchased from a Singapore seller of Yahoo! auctions. It is mint-in-box (MIB) with stickers unapplied, complete with all accessories, instructions and other paperwork. Unfortunately the box shows some wear.

Both Sonic Bomber and Road Fire were purchased in MIB condition from Singaporean retailer, Robo Robo, following the Dai Atlas purchase as I really wanted all three to combine and form Big Powered. Both come with all accessories and paperwork included, although Sonic Bomber had its stickers applied. All three are also available together in a Big Powered giftset (C-353).

Big Powered (combined jet mode)

Big Powered (combined base mode) as depicted on the individual rear box art

Dai Atlas (jet mode)

Dai Atlas (tank mode)

Dai Atlas (base mode)

Micromaster (with cannons)

Dai Atlas (robot mode)

Dai Atlas (with accessories)

Dai Atlas (in box tray)

Dai Atlas (unused sticker sheet)

Dai Atlas (MIB)

Sonic Bomber (jet mode)

Sonic Bomber (base mode) with Micromaster

Sonic Bomber (robot mode) with Micromaster

Sonic Bomber (used sticker sheet)

Sonic Bomber (in styrofoam box tray)

Sonic Bomber (MIB)

Sonic Bomber (rear box art)

Road Fire (tank mode) with Micromaster

Road Fire (base mode) with Micromaster

Road Fire (robot mode) with Micromaster

Road Fire (unused sticker sheet, mail-in survey and pamphlet)

Road Fire (MIB)

They each come with a pamphlet featuring other Victory and Zone releases

Final line-up before returning them to storage


  1. Nice, I read on numerous sites that C-888 is the knock off. Wonder if this is really true?

  2. I think you're right! C-888 is a knockoff. Damn! Fortunately, I didn't pay too much for it back then.

  3. The Batman logo should have been a clue, dude. :P Nice set and nice pics, nevertheless. :)